Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summerfest In Milwaukee

Howdy everyone! We are working lakeside in downtown Milwaukee at Summerfest. Summerfest is the nation’s largest live music festival featuring artists ranging from Kid Rock to Stevie Wonder and everything in between. Bon Jovi was the opening act on Thursday night followed by KISS a few nights later. This music festival is huge, and I mean HUGE. Everywhere you turn there are music stages with live bands entertaining enormously, large crowds.

Our first day was on Thursday with the folks here in Milwaukee actually lining up outside the gates to enter the event. We started out so busy that we had people all over our exhibit anxious to see what we had to offer. Our first group of visitors to enter the Dome Theater had such a good time learning about Texas and playing the trivia contest that you could hear them laughing and having a great time from outside of the dome.

The Texas or Not kiosk has been a big hit with families competing against each other to get the highest score to win great prizes. On to riding the kayaks down the waterways of Texas. People here in Wisconsin have been very surprised of learning that Texas has so many different options when it comes to water activities. After riding the kayaks they have told me that they were unaware of so many things that they saw during the kayak ride.

One of the most frequently heard comments comes when our guests visit the next stop, The Gulf Coast area of our exhibit. So many people comment “That beautiful beach with the white sand is in Texas? I had no idea Texas had beaches like that!" We have had such a great time spreading information about Texas to the folks here in Wisconsin so far and have 7 more days in the festival remaining. Our featured Texas on Tour artists, Will Sexton and Charlie Faye have been a hit as well and have been signing many autographs! Well – time to head back to work, I will update you in a few days on the remaining week here at Summerfest. So long till next time!

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