Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Rivers Festival - Part 2

Patricia Vonne and Rosie Flores brought their unique brand of music and entertainment to Texas on Tour’s stop at the Three Rivers Festival. Their stellar guitar riffs and soulful singing brought many patrons back for more. They signed autographs and even taught a few folks the Texas Two Step. Patricia and Rosie proved that rock and roll Texas style is here to stay. Cheers to all those who rocked out with us at Texas on Tour.

We joked with one family that came through that they were like the Griswolds from the National Lampoon's vacation movies as they took a 45-minute high tech virtual reality vacation through Texas on Tour. The father decided he was going to plan his next vacation to Texas after he and the family experienced the 360-degree virtual reality kayak trip. “That sealed the deal for us! We’re going to Texas!” he said. He did his best impression of the Chevy Chase character “Clark” as he ordered the Travel Guide at the “Texas or Not” kiosk and started to plan every last detail for their next family adventure!

Check back next week as we report from AirVenture Oshkosh in Oshkosh, WI!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Three Rivers Festival

Howdy folks, we are in Fort Wayne, and everyone is having a blast! We are set up at the Three Rivers Festival in downtown Fort Wayne. This is the second largest festival in the state and is known for its food alley area were you can buy everything from deep fried Twinkies to roasted corn and everything in between. I will be headed over there later this week to try some of these Fort Wayne favorites.

We have new musicians performing on tour with us for the next few weeks and they are Patricia Vonne and Rosie Flores directly from San Antonio, Texas. From the very first song they sang the crowd really enjoyed our new music. We had one fan that was enjoying herself so much she actually grabbed me and asked me to dance with her! Since the tour started I am becoming a pro at two-stepping, so I jumped right on in and had a blast with my dancing partner. I have to admit that I had a great time but I did step on her feet a few times - oops! We both had a good laugh and she said she would be back next week for another round of dancing.

The kayaks are a big hit with people of all ages and they just keep coming to try them out. We had a Yee-Haw contest this weekend and the winners were two small children about 5 years old. Who knew they could yell so loud!? Well I have to get back to work now but I will have more stories from Fort Wayne to share soon!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summerfest Part 2

We all know that Texas likes to do things in a BIG way, so it was no surprise that “Texas on Tour” made a stop at Summerfest – the biggest music festival in the world. Concerts of all kinds were happening across the vast festival grounds, but we at “Texas on Tour” had a concert all our own. With the tempting Texas tunes of Will Sexton and Charlie Faye guests kicked up their heels in front of our Dallas/ Forth Worth music stage. We even had several dance competitions where participants boogied down “Texas style” for a chance to win their very own “Texas on Tour” t-shirt. The music festival spirit spilled into other areas of our exhibit such as the “Discover Texas” dome theater where show hosts Ben Holt and Nick Vannucci appeared donning disco-fashioned cowboy hats to the amusement of the audience. Once again, “Texas on Tour” left its mark on a terrific event that is Summerfest. We look forward to putting on our dancing shoes…or should I say boots…next year! Stay tuned for our next stop…Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Three Rivers Festival!

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