Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Riverbend Festival

Here we are in Chattanooga, TN at a 9-day show called Riverbend Festival. Riverbend is a big music festival that has something for everyone from the B-52's to the Commodores and everything in between. On opening day country music superstar Willie Nelson played so it was packed! We also brought our own musicians Will Sexton and Charlie Faye and they’ve been getting a great response from the crowd. Will has been signing his autograph onto the free music CD that visitors can win in the Dome Theater. When we tell people that Will is on the CD they can’t wait to listen to it in the car or at home.

Texas on Tour has had some good weather thus far in TN and we’re answering lots of questions about the beaches in Texas. Many people did not know how beautiful it is along the Gulf Coast of Texas. They are even more shocked when we tell them that Austin, Texas is the Live Music Capital of the World!

We sure are getting the message out that Texas is a wonderful place for a vacation and folks are very receptive, especially after they’ve walked through our exhibit. Well, lots of people to talk to, so I’m signing off... Stay tuned for more updates from Texas on Tour!

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