Saturday, May 28, 2011

Speed Street


The green flag dropped and they were off … race fans of all ages flooded the streets of downtown Charlotte for the 2011 edition of the 600 Festival’s Food Lion Speed Street event. The Texas on Tour family felt right at home this past weekend, considering we have our own NASCAR track in Fort Worth, Texas – the Texas Motor Speedway.

This weekend’s winner at Texas on Tour was the Discover Texas Dome. We had visitors racing to raise their hands so they could answer trivia questions correctly and walk away with cool prizes! My favorite moment was when someone guessed the state capital was Houston! Even though the state capital is actually Austin, he still walked away with a fun prize – as did many of our other visitors!

It came as a surprise to a lot of people to also find out about some unexpected experiences in Texas. Not only are there great adventures to be had on the water, but also on land, in caves and even under water. For example, people were interested to learn the second largest canyon in the U.S., Palo Duro Canyon, can be found in Canyon, TX. Visitors were able to picture themselves at the Canyon and among other exciting places in the Lone Star State through the “Picture Yourself in Texas” green screen experience.

Well, it’s time to wave the checkered flag on another great event. We’re going to load up and burn out of here to our next stop! Will it be your city? All you have to do to find out is go to I’ll give you a hint … it’s another state’s capitol.
Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joint Service Open House

Surrounded by some of the greatest war planes in our country’s history, Texas on Tour was rocking through its second stop and showed no signs of slowing down. With lines as long as jet streams, people from all over the region flocked to the 2011 Joint Service Open House in a salute to 100 years of naval aviation. Once every year in recognition of the US Military and supporting civilian personnel, Andrews Air Force Base opens its doors to the public and this year show goers received a nice surprise – A FREE TRIP TO TEXAS!

Over 200,000 people were shocked to see, hear, and even smell some of the great aspects of Texas right there on base. Ride the Texas Waterways was by far the most pleasant surprise of them all. As people’s faces lit up with every turn of the virtual reality kayaking adventure, the line grew more and more. Everyone had to see for themselves what was so exciting about this 360 degree trip down Texas’ waterways.

Texas on Tour’s live music stage also kept attendees entertained with Warren Hood. That guy can play the fiddle! At age 17 he won the Austin Youth Award and performed as a soloist with the Austin Symphony. If you missed him this time, you can still see him perform on our stage again at the San Diego County Fair.

Well Maryland, it's time for us to load up and head out, but for more information on exciting adventures in the Lone Star State, be sure to check out

It was a great weekend at the JSOH, but if you missed it don't worry. Our next stop is Speed Street in Charlotte, NC. From F-18’s and Thunderbirds to NASCAR show cars – see you there...Yeehaw!!!!!!

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