Wednesday, July 25, 2012

California State Fair

We just want to start by giving a Lone Star State sized "thank you" to beautiful Sacramento! What an enthusiastic bunch of cowboys and cowgirls. Y'all are welcome in Texas anytime! Many of our Texas on Tour visitors dressed the part and sported their best cowboy and cowgirl hats and boots; they will fit right in during their next Texas getaway.

Geoff and Carol stopped by, as they’ve been contemplating a Texas vacation and wanted to learn more. Geoff is an avid recreational fisherman and had no idea Texas had so much to offer a fisherman like himself. After exploring the Texas waterways in the virtual kayaks, Geoff was impressed to see so much of Texas from a kayak. They started planning their vacation onsite!

Many memories were made at the California State Fair, including trips down the fair’s zip line. Visitors couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was and were ecstatic when they learned about zip lining and other high powered adventures to be had in Texas too. 
Before you start making plans, make sure you order a FREE Texas Travel Guide at so you can be sure you know all the great destinations Texas has to offer. Happy trails, California, and get ready Ohio because we are riding into the Ohio State Fair on July 27th!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

California State Fair

Texas on Tour is back again in California, this week in Sacramento, for the California State Fair. We’ve been roping in some local Californians this weekend to experience a slice of Texas and satisfy their craving for ideas on a  fun-filled Texas getaway!

Everyone that visits Texas on Tour is able to request a free travel guide packed with useful ideas on where to go and what to do while visiting Texas.  One of my favorite things to do when I'm in Texas is see live music.  Lucky for me, and everyone else who comes to Texas on Tour at the California State Fair, the Marshall Ford Swing Band is performing live on our entertainment stage.  This group’s tunes are reminiscent of the early days of swing music, where the bass kept the beat and the mandolin was a prominent fixture.  They really keep the mood upbeat and fun when they are playing!

Texas on Tour is a must-see destination at the California State Fair. Make sure to have your photo taken at the Texas on Tour gates to share your Texas visit with friends, and then come on in to have your photo taken in front of 1 of 7 different Texas scenes. Try the Alamo, Palo Duro Canyon, or even a Texas Longhorn.

We will be at the California State Fair through Sunday, July 22nd , so make sure to check us out near the Kids Zone. Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Texas on Tour rolled into the Mile High City this week to bring a little southern charm to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The Discover Texas Dome fit in with the festival like a piece of art and made quite a statement against the Denver skyline, attracting visitors from far across the festival.
Some of the best moments on tour are spent sharing the joys of Texas with current residents of the cities we visit. However, those lively conversations are so much sweeter when Texas natives make an appearance to share stories from their home state.

Texas on Tour’s musical entertainers, 'Milk Drive,' brought the Texas sound with them this weekend as they 'drove' guests to do-si-do right there in the streets of Texas on Tour!

The hospitality of Denver was out-of-this-world, and our team couldn't have felt more welcome. We can't wait to return the favor when they visit for a true Texas vacation! 

Sacramento, start dusting off your cowboy hats and shining up your boots... We'll see y'all at the California State Fair on July 13th!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taste of Tacoma

Wow! Looking back, we can sum up our weekend at the Taste of Tacoma in two words. "Action packed."  

When you enter Texas on Tour, it is a newly implemented rule that everyone give us a bonafide southern "yeehaw!" Little did we know enthusiastic Tacoma, Washington would be the home to some of our best "yeehaws" to date! 

Austin natives The Marshall Ford Swing Band provided our soundtrack for the weekend, letting visitors kick up their boots to some authentic Texas tunes. The band drew crowds at the festival and found plenty of new fans that toe-tapped along to the upbeat swing music.

Inside the ropes of Texas on Tour, we watched many of our new friends also enjoy the trivia, virtual kayaking tour, winning prizes and other Texas on Tour experiences, making memories that transformed them into lifelong Lone Star State fans. We hope everyone makes a stop in to and that we see you again in Texas soon! Maybe even at our next stop at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, July 6-8. See you there!

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