Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ohio State Fair


As Texas is known far and wide as the "Friendship State," we were pleased to receive the same warm welcome in Ohio. Sharing Texas with the Ohio State Fair gave us many great stories, and the fun isn't over yet! We will be digging our boots in here a little longer, so stop by until August 5th if you missed us this weekend!
Thousands of fair goers came this weekend to experience the state of Texas in their own backyard. The Hudsons, a family of five from Ohio, were thrilled to learn that the mini-vacation they experienced at Texas on Tour was completely free of charge. The fun performances, exciting virtual experiences, cool prizes, and live music were the perfect recipe for memorable family fun. Mr. Hudson even recognized several photos from Austin, TX where he periodically traveled to for business. The next visit to Austin is sure to be a family affair for this bunch!
We learned these Ohio fair-goers weren't shy to throw on their cowboy hats and show us their best two-step. Even if you're not a seasoned line dancer, we never turn down the chance to teach newcomers how it's done in Texas. There's always an adventure to be had inside Texas on Tour, and you'll have to see it to believe it!

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