Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iowa State Fair

Our expectations were high as this was one of America’s top 10 state fairs, and Iowa did not disappoint us. With an average of more than 100,000 people a day at the fair, the fun never stopped at Texas on Tour. Fairgoers lined up from sunup to sundown, curious to see what kind of vacation opportunities Texas has to offer.

Our Gulf Coast beaches were extremely popular with the people of Iowa. With more than 90% of Iowa land devoted to agriculture, there isn’t much room for a beach; as a result, many Iowans chose our Texas beaches as their preferred vacation destination. Once they saw that we brought the beach to them, they were all in! Visitors were able to walk on the beach without even taking off their shoes.

After the fun in the sun, visitors to our green-screen room could choose from seven different great places in Texas to be instantly transported. From there, they could take a picture to capture the special moment.

Eight stops just aren’t enough for Texas on Tour, so we’re on to our next location. Will it be a festival in your area, or maybe your state fair? Stay tuned to to find out. If it’s not your town, don’t worry – we just added two more stops to our Lone Star State road trip. Check back with us later to find out where!

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