Wednesday, September 23, 2009

L.A. County Fair

Lights, camera, action! It’s showtime for Texas on Tour near Los Angeles, famous for its glitz, glamour, movie stars and the L.A. County Fair. Ahhhh, the scents of a nearby taco stand, candy apples and popcorn fill the Southern California air, and you can hear the carnival rides and games buzzing in the distance. The Fair is in full swing. The carnival atmosphere spills onto the Texas on Tour display as fair-goers flock to the various interactive elements of our exhibit. “There’s so much to do in Texas! It really is like a whole other country!” one visitor said after he and his family had their photo taken in the green screen room.

Carnival games are always a popular attraction at fairs so we decided to add one of our own at Texas on Tour - the Bean Bag Toss. It was a huge hit! Of course games of skill aren’t complete without prizes and ours was no different. Winners received their very own Texas on Tour T-shirt, a sought after prize by the many participants.

It’s also worth noting that the music of Dan Dyer is not just an accessory, but a staple to our show here in L.A. His improvisational melodies and antics captivate the Texas on Tour crowds here. He truly has a contagious Texas flare and charm that many people enjoy.

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